Monday, April 27, 2009

Will Bouygues Telecom be the first one to launch the Samsung I7500 in France ?

Today, the first live photos of the Samsung I7500 were found on Mobile-Review ( here ).

And tada....

What do we see in this screen ?

The Bouygues Telecom logo !!
Bouygues Telecom is one of the three telecom operators in France.
Orange has already launched the HTC Dream earlier this month,
SFR should launch the HTC Magic in May.

And we were missing any announce from Bouygues Telecom for the android market.

Looks like we have something like an answer here !

Saturday, April 25, 2009

French Descriptions avalaible in the market !

I made a french version of my game "Word Prospector".
It's another entry in the Android Market, and it's called "Chasseurs de mots".

And I think it's one of the first French independant game, and the first French Word Game !

As it is a French game, it made sense to put a french description. 
But some people couldn't understand this description and gave me a bad rating just because of this !

But since yesterday, the Android Market has added 6 new languages, and French is one of them.

So I could put a french description, in French, and a english description that says it is a French game ( and that there is a english version ! ) !

Android Market with French language

Thanks Google !

Ps : I would like to thanks, even if I really doubt they will ever read this, the users that gave me some good ratings just to counter the ones that gave me bad rating for a poor reason !

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Word Prospector is out now !

Hi all,

I've been quiet for so long time, because I finished and published my first Android game : Word Prospector...

The game is out for 15 days now, has been downloaded about 1800 times, and has generated 10 000 ad requests ( from admob )...

As anybody who published a application, I learned a lot from the whole process, and there are plenty of enhancements that I want to add...