Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Developing with Python on Android : a dream comes true ?

Google still innovates and offers as many tools as they can to us developers !

I'm a big fan of Python, and several times, I wanted to try things on my phone, but without having a development PC around me.
Now they combines both of my implicit wishes, and we can develop in python (and LUA, BeanShell, and other langages to come ) from the mobile !!
I'm really excited about that.

Next question is :
Could I embed my python script that I developed on my phone in a real Java application ?
That would be awesome : it would mean I really could develop parts of my application from my phone, or even have a scripted part of my application that could evolve without a PC !!!


Thank you, Mr google !!!

Google Open Source Blog: Introducing Android Scripting Environment

Edit :
Sadly, this application is for Cupcake only, so I can't use it...
I will have to wait for Cupcake to be avalaible on my phone.
That makes me wonder how many phone are still stuck with the 1.1 OS ?
From what I've read, in the US, the update is finished, so there should be no 1.1 left.
But outside US ???

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