Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cupcake finally in France with Orange !

At last, it arrived !!

As you may already know from my previous article ( here ), here in France, the HTC Dream ( G1 ) was still running with a 1.1 version of Android.

And now an update to cupcake has finally been released by Orange !

So now, I have access to video recording, to the widgets, ... and above all, to all the applications that used the Cupcake API, and that we couldn't use till now ! ( it also means I will be able to try Python on my phone ! ).
That's not all !
This is a version coming from HTC, and in the package, we could also find :
* a PDF viewer ( it's nice to have a PDF viewer ! It's far from being uber performant, but, still it's here, and that a good point !!
* QuickOffice ( a office document reader : I tried it on several Word files, and it was OK, but for a big one - big being about 600 ko in my case, so not THAT big. Once again the performances are far from being stellar, but at least we can read some docs ! )
* A microsoft exchange mail reader and synchronization tool. Actually, I didn't tried it, but I'm sure a lot of people out there will be very happy with this !

But still I can't understand all that about this version :
* The installation is done via a PC, and we lose all of our data... That's not nice...
* We don't have any virtual keyboard ! That's a strange one... We still have the physical one, and I'm sure it is better. But in some cases, it's painful to open the physical keyboard just to type one word. And there are a lot of applications that don't deal that nicely with opening the keyboard...
* The last point is, in my opinion the worst of all : a lot of application are missing from the Android market.
To be sure to really understand what was happening, I created two void applications, one called OrangeTry, and the second called OrangeTry2.
I protected only the first one, and I released them ( for 5 minutes only )...
And guess what : only the second one appeared :

So this new version filters the protected applications !

I can't understand why they decided that ( actually, what I really think is that it is just a mistake ).
From what I understood from Google deal with the carriers, carriers are getting some money from the sell of Android applications !
As most paid applications are protected, this configuration will make Orange make less money than with the previous version ! How strange !

And I'm missing some free applications that were, for some reasons, protected ( this is a mistake : a protected version is about twice as big as the unprotected one ! ).
I'm particularly missing Dizzler !

A little question to finish this post :
Is there any carrier / country left where Cupcake has not been released ?


Irokez said...

Could you tell me how to get the update? I tried to search for one, but couldn't find one for HTC Dream.
Thanks in advance

AndroidBlogger said...


If you are using the french Orange version of the HTC, you can find the links to the udpate on the orange site :
Log in,
Espace Client,
Mon Mobile,
Infos Pratiques

And there you can find the links.
( ouf )

If you want them directly here they are :
Cupcake Install
Installation documentation

Last Warning : this is an update for the french Orange version of the G1 !
I don't know at all how if you can safely install it if you have another carrier / phone !
You've been warned !

Hope it helps,

Android Blogger