Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Google really takes care of developers !

Google really want developers to be able to develop in the best conditions !

15 days ago, I was in Montreal for my real job...
So I missed the Android Developer Lab in Paris ... and the Nexus One that was given to every attendant !
Then there was an Android Developer Lab during the MWC, in Barcelona... with a new Nexus One distribution...
There will also be a phone distribution at the Game Developer Conference.

And now, I've just received this email :
"Due to your contribution to the success of Android Market, we would like to present you with a brand new Android device as part of our developer device seeding program. You are receiving this message because you're one of the top developers in Android Market with one or more of your applications having a 3.5 star or higher rating and more than 5,000 unique downloads. "

That is really nice !

Actually, I think Google is doing the righ thing... Not only by giving ME a new phone, but by taking care of developers.

The iPhone success has several reasons.
For sure, the phone was really nice, and came with an interface never seen before... But the most important thing, in my opinion, is that they let any developer develop an application for the iPhone. This is why there are so many application on the iPhone, this is why there are so many good applications on the iPhone, so many new little ideas that make the phone really different...
This is such a big thing that this is what they based their ad campaign on !

Archos understood the importance of developers too, by offering a substancial reduction on their android tablet to developers.
And now Google decided to follow the same way.

This is good for developers, this is a good sign for Android - showing how much Google really involves in Android -, this is good for customers...

Thank you, google !!

I received this email at 1.00 AM, the email was coming from Eric Chu, who always send us developers mails about Android updates, so I didn't even ask myself about the mail validity.
And this morning, a lot of people were wondering whether it is a fake or a real mail :
The registration form this mail send to us is hosted on Google Site, the google free hosting service, and it's basically filling a document on google docs. So it really could be a Fake mail, trying to collect some 'Google Order Number' ( Can we do something harmful with it ? )

But it now has been validated by google, by several means, including a post by Roman Nurk, whose title is "Android Developer Relations" in this google group :

Conclusion : you really can trust this mail....

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