Monday, May 24, 2010

Application to SD card : it's working !!

Yesterday, I discovered that the applications should put a special tag in the manifest in order to let the user put them on the SD card.

Today, I tried it on Word Prospector, and
Tadaaa ! It's working great :

(Here in french, obvisouly)

The move is instantaneous, completely transparent.
 And the application looks as fast as when running from the internal memory.
Nice !!

Additionnal note :
I love the Bug-Droid icon when you are connected for debugging !!!

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Android Gold- Android Tablets and Tablet PCs said...

I have found it quite easy to install .apk files on my cheap Android tablets with an SD and microSD cards respectively.

I don't really understand why we NEED a Google app market when it can otherwise be made so effortless to download apps for Android tablet pcs or phones using USB or SD cards to transfer them from a computer to a device or directly to a device to then deploy.