Thursday, June 2, 2011

An Android Application in HTML5

Hi all,

After my Blackberry / Html5 pause ( see here ) , I decided to port the games I made in Html5 on android.
So the first one is there now : it's called Nature Puzzle, and it's a simple sliding puzzle.

I will soon write another post on this development on android with Html5, but at least, it's here and feasible.
And if some people are interested, I will perhaps open source this simple game...

Although it's a very simple game, the pieces move is not totally smooth on my G1, but on my Nexus One, it's nice.
I will soon try the second blackberry game I made, that was more demanding...

Here is the link
Nature Puzzle on Android Market

And some screenshots :


zemariamm said...

Hello, I just tested the app and I think the concept is really cool ( I used to play those kinds of puzzles when I was a kid), however the experience is not the smoothest, are you using a background thread to update the canvas ? If not you probably want to look at SurfaceView..
If you need help testing your apps, feel free to contact me, I work at a Low cost usability and device testing for Android


manderso said...

I would love to see the source for this app opened up to all. great work on this.

sathish said...

I am very much interested in learning new things in android development, and very much interested in android development with html5.
If you provide me the source for this app, it will be very much helpful to all developers (beginners) like me.
thanks & regards,

Jessica said...

awesome game apps developed. Please post the update for second blackberry game development as i am eager to know about it. All the best..... :)

Anonymous said...

Open source, please!

Anonymous said...

I have a project with android app in HTML5 but i don't know how to to do it.I hope you can open your source code.

Aadam Gibson said...

I love to play puzzle game. Can you provide the source code for this game?