Sunday, January 4, 2009

A flashy widget: the sliding drawer

I recently found where the code for the sliding drawer was in the Android code.

So what is that sliding drawer ?
It is the panel containing your applications in Android Home page.
You know, the panel that you can drag up or down, and that was the first thing you played with when first testing Android emulator or the G1 !

Here's the code :
Sliding Drawer Code

I would like to have time to experiment with it ( ie copy/paste it, and use it in my own application ), but just reading the code is quite an inspiring experience ! I will try that as soon as possible...

This widget is nice and fun to use, give a good feeling to the user, make your application more profunssional, and is a very efficient way to spare space in the screen !

Just one thing : why on earth is the code hidden in the depth of Android source ?
Why isn't the widget available as a part of the API ?
I just can't understand it !

Android definitively misses some standard fun widgets.
Was it because of a lack of time ?
Will the sliding drawer appear in the next version ?
Will we find who killed the colonel Mustard ?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Where's the code?
When i go to the link, there's nothing