Sunday, September 12, 2010

id software is coming to Android !

After showing some impressive engine work on iPhone, id software is coming to Android !

Their job page shows an announce for an Android programmer !
This is a really good news for Android, as it shows the general move from the Game Industry toward our beloved platform !
Till now, the iPhone was the preferred mobile platform, but the very strong growth of Android changed their state of mind :)

John Carmack has a very large range of knowledge on game programming, as he started long before things like FPU, 3D graphic cards, or the web even existed. This is important for high performance mobile game programming, as we need old school programming tricks, understanding of how modern graphic cards work, or how to create an architecture to deal with big projects.

Definitively a great news, can't wait to see what will come out of this ( although knowing id software, we should prepare for some wait...  ).
I'm sure Epic will also follow this move !

Job page :

( This news came from Romain Guy Twitter )

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Great that id software is coming to Android