Sunday, October 3, 2010

50 000 Downloads reached !!!

Youpee !!!

'Word Prospector' has reached this week 50 000 donwloads !

The first version of the game was released in April 2009, and it's been a long way from the first version to this one !

The first version was done entirely on the emulator ( no real phone existed in France at this time ), and was far from perfect. The controls were not easy, its was way bigger than it should have been, and there were bugs.
So the first rating were quite low...

I constantly improved the version, and now the rating are quite good  ( a 3.84 mean rating, still suffering from the start low ratings ! ), so improving a version really has an effect on the ratings and on the downloads !!

Now the next step will be 250 000 downloads ? It looks a little big at this point, but who knows ?

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