Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spy My Apps : an application for developers to improve the Android Market

Hi all,

The Android market developer page is nice, but I always feel like some important tools were missing !

I wanted in peculiar to have some graphs with the download, or the ratings of your application, so I can see whether things were getting better. Seing what web tools google can do like analytics, or adsense, it's strange so it is not (already) in the developer page !
For a long time, I also wanted to have the comments : it was really strange that you couldn't read the comments on your own application ! Google finally fixed that and comments are now included in the developer page !

So I developed my owned application to create these graphs : Spy My Apps !

* Launch the application everyday, log in and get the data. It really launch the developer web page, and get the data from it.
* Then you can see the graph of
  => your downloads and active downloads
  => The application rating
  => The daily rating mean
* You can also have the comments on your applications

Some screens :

 The graphs :

I used this application for several months now  (or at least was was to be this application ), and it's really nice to see all this graphs days after days...

Note : the application is not completely finished !
In particular, the error dealing is not done, so it should be easy to have it crash.
But still, it's very useful !

Here the QR :

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