Tuesday, December 9, 2008

How to deal with different Android Phone resolutions ?

Hi all, 

Now that Kogan will soon (?) release a new Phone ( Agora ), we should not limit our application to the T1 presets.

In peculiar, it looks like this phone will have a different resolution. It will be a QVGA one ( 320 x 240 pixels )  ( the T1 is 480x800).

The simplest way to deal with different resolution seems to handle different xml files for each resolution !

So we can have a res/layout-320x240 file and a res/layout-640x680 one, etc...

It let you have an acute control on your design, while still maintaining a common code.

Last note : it is not limited to layout, you can specify all of your resources, like drawable !


Marvel said...

it gonna be hell to maintain all possible resolutions

Jorge said...

Layout hell! :S