Wednesday, December 3, 2008

problem with a ListView

I am stuck with a aesthetic issue with List Views for several days, and I can't find any solution.

So, as a very experimented programmer as I am, I'm gonna use a very advanced technique : ask for any solution for this problem publicaly !
Usually, some seconds after warning the whole planet, the programmer finds the solution on his own !

Here's my problem :
I have a ListActivity, with my list of High Scores :

Score List on My Android Phone

But the problem arises when I click on the listView to make it scroll :

Google Android Phone Emulator View

It is less sexy this way ( and also quite less readable ).

I tried to juggle with some parameters, like enable / clickable / focusable / focusableInTouchMode (that I just understood from the site). I also tried the listSelector or the background parameters ; but with no success...

I'm sure there is something I miss there, but what...

( Note : I have now found the solution here )

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